About Us

Healthy Startup started to give the best quality meat at affordable price delivered to door step in Bangalore.

"Our Concept is you order, we cut the live chicken and deliver within 1 hour"

Story of Kadaknath:

Call me Precious “Black Gold”, “Super bird”, or “Lamborgini of Chicken”. Foodies across India are falling in love with me. I’m Kadaknath from the tribal areas of Madhya Pradesh, India famous for my “All black”-even bleak and flesh, taste, low cholesterol, low fat and high protein, claimed love drug and medicinal properties. 

Why Kadaknath??
  1. High protein more than 25% (highest of all chicken breads)
  2. Low fat73-1.05% only (lowest of all chicken breads)
  3. Vitamins b1, b2, b6, b12, c and e, niacin, protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, nicotinic acid etc.
  4. High levels of 18 essential amino acids as well as hormones that are required by the human body.
  5. The amount of fat deposited in the body of a kadaknath chicken is itself very negligible.
  6. It has great importance in siddha & homeopathy medicines for treating nervous disorder.
Nutritive table showing comparison of kadaknath chicken with other chicken
No.PropertiesKadaknathOrdinary Table bird
Protein content 25% 18 – 20%
Fat content 0.73 – 1.03%13 – 25%
Linoleic acid 24 %21%
4  Cholestrol 184.75MG/100G218.12MG/100G
  • The eggs are an ideal nutritive food, especially for old people and high blood pressure victims, since the cholesterol content is lower.
  • Kadaknath eggs helps to meet the day to day protein requirement of growing children.
Try it, sure you will like it.
Let’s save the indigenous chicken breed of India (Kadaknath) from extinction and spread its benefits to rest of the world.

Address and Location

No. 8, Maruti Garden, Junnasandra Village, Varthur Hobli, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore - 560035
Phone: ++917090708496